Saturday, 22 December 2012

Model Of The Moment

Ok, so I thought I'd do a quick post Cara Delevingne as I'm quite obsessed with her at the moment. She is the latest fresh new face to hit the catwalks this year, as she is a young and current model she has gave us many memorable moments through out 2012 as well as great style inspiration for all of us fond followers. She is following in the footsteps of her older sister Poppy Delevingne who is also a well known model which has graced the catwalk for some years now.

There has been quite a lot of hype surrounding Cara Delevingne this year as she has burst onto the scene with Burberry's Spring/Summer 2012 campaign. She is now one of the Uk's top and most photographed models. She was awarded Top Model at the Best British Fashion Awards. She was recently involved in Victoria Secrets 2013 runway show for the first time which is a major achievement as she only recently turned 20. She has furthered her recognition by her companionship with Harry Styles from One Direction and also through her close friendship with pop singer and fashion icon Rita Ora.

Probably what I love most about Cara is her layed back style themed with a quite natural makeup looks. I admire the way she can make such ordinary pieces look fabulous on her. Shes my latest style crush and inspiration so I felt it necessary to do a small piece on her.
Hope you liked it,
Alice xo  

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Outfit Post: Winter Warmer

(Cossack Hat-New Look/ Jumper-Topshop)
As were now in the depth of winter I thought it was timely to do a daytime look to cover up and avoid those winter blues. This Cossack Hat which I'm wearing was purchased last February in the sales for just 4 euro before I went on a short weekend away to Prague. The hat is very stylish and extremely cosy, while can be easily themed with any outfit. I also feel it could look quite quirky for the festival season matched with a pair of aviator shades to avoid those well timed showers we've had for concerts over the previous years.

(Dress-Love Label at Topshop)

The jumper I'm wearing in this post was also feathered in my last outfit post back in November. It was probably my best bargain buy ever, costing only 6 euro. However it’s so versatile and simply goes with every look I had to include it yet again. Unfortunately you'll probably be seen it a lot more in posts to come but I just love it!! The dress I'm wearing is from the Love label at Topshop. I have this dress many years now, I originally purchased it for Christmas Day 3 years ago but it has been brought out of the wardrobe many times since. It's a ballerina style dress with a gorgeous golden tulle hem. Sadly it was too cold to show the whole dress off, perhaps again in another post. (Notice my white hands from the cold temps!!)

(Duffle Coat-Pennys)

Genuinely we'd be going nowhere without our duffle coats this time of year. This is just a simple black one I picked up in Pennys when the weather began to get a little colder. I decided to pick one with a hood as I go to college in Galway and it never seems to stop raining. However I feel Pennys had a great range stylish duffle coats this winter topped off by their agreeable price.

I hope you enjoyed this outfit post and apologies for the lack of posts lately as I was sitting Christmas exams in college. However in back now and have some great ideas for the New Year so please bear with me. Also please bear with the random surroundings of my photographs, I live on a farm so not everywhere is suitable. However I feel the lighting of these pictures have improved from my previous post as I'm trying out many settings on my new camera.

Hope you enjoyed,
Alice xo.  

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Kate Bosworth for Topshop

(Kate Boswort-Winter Wonderland)

So I've been getting very much into the Christmas spirit lately and decided I'd give you a quick preview of Kate Bosworth's new mini festive film for Topshop. In the video the super stylish star wears a perfect burgundy sequined dress themed with a gorgeous pair of jeweled pumps.  The outfit featured in this video will be available in Topshop stores from February 2013 as part of Kate's Collection for Topshop. As a massive fan of the highstreet store I personally can't wait until her collection is available to us.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

My First Outfit Post:

(Bowler Hat-Forever21/Jumper-Topshop/Jeans-Topshop/Jacket-Topshop/Chelsea Boots-Miss-Guided)

Ok, it's official my first outfit post! I've genuinely been so excited about starting this blog for quite sometime and am now delighted to be presenting it to you. For me fashion is a way of expressing my identity and how I feel. Please excuses me for my embarrassing poses until I find something I am more comfortable with.
 From this and coming posts you will notice I have quite the unhealthy obsession with Topshop, a good content of my wardrobe is from there. 


I recently purchased these jeans in Topshop, I'd describe them as a soft black. What I love about these jeans from Topshop's Moto range is there super soft fabric and of course there great range of different lengths for us short people!! There great for A/W and quite versatile.

I absolutely love this shirt I picked up in Topshop, I was very lucky to get it as it was the only one in my size on the ''last chance rail'' The wedgwood Chinese inspired caught my attention from the moment I entered the shop. It was a must have item!! I feel it brings personality and colour to this outfit and am delighted to feature  it in my first post.

This black jumper with sequin shoulder detail is without a doubt the best bargain by I have ever got I picked it up in the Topshop sale last April for just 6 euro down from 68 euro there was no hope it was staying on the rail.

I really hoped you enjoyed my first outfit post,
feel free to comment and follow my page.

Until next time,
lots of love,
Alice xo


Friday, 16 November 2012

Victoria Secrets Fashion Show 2012-2013 

With out a doubt my favourite Victoria Secrets Fashion Show to date. From the sexy panties, gorgeous glamour models and A-list acts (including a personal favourite of mine Justin Bieber!) I thoroughly enjoy watching this clip .Unfortunately I couldn't find the whole show but I hope this can give you an insight into what it was like. Hopefully some day I will get the chance to attend one of theses show, as for now I have to settle for behind the small screen.    

I also tried to put a little collage together of some of the key pieces which were showcased on the runway so you could have a better idea of what was on show!

Hope you enjoyed this post,
Lots Of Love,
Alice xo 

                             N.O.T.D. Nails Of The Day!

''My Cosmic Style Nails''
I picked up this sparkly blue nail polish in Topshop (Junkyard 201). Absolutely love this current sparkly nail trend it's an easy and inventive way to pop a bit of colour. However I found that by applying a black base to the nail first made for a better and intenser result. I used Rimmel's Black Cab (80).

Junkyard 201 Topshop
This blue sparkly polish is from the Louise Gray collection in Topshop. It's fast drying and gives a glossy glitter finish. I found for best results apply at least two layers.

I hope this brings a sparkle to you day,
Alice xo