Sunday, 1 September 2013

Life through the lens - An Insta week

I have a serious app obsession with Instagram, for me it truly is the greatest app ever invented. When I wake up in the morning its the firstly app on my phone I check. I'm addicted, and I apologies to all my Instagram followers for my recent picture upload overdose but I love to share my snaps with you.

The first 3 pictures were taken when recently while I was on holidays in America. I was lucky enough to spend my whole summer there so I felt I had to share that with you. The second row of pictures were a group of just random picture that I posted of my daily adventures. And the final row are all shots of me while I was doing outfit posts. I hope you like them and seriously feel free to follow me HERE.

      1. The Simpson Ride-Universal Studios LA
2. A group of my friends and I in Vegas
                      3. My friends and I at the Hoover Dam on our way to 
the Grand Canyon

4.Quick OOTD picture taken in Galway
             5.Sunset in Wexford on a day trip with my family.
   6. Shopping in Shutterbug in Kilkenny City.

         7. Recent outfit post which you can view HERE
 8. My latest outfit post have a look HERE
 9. A sneak peak of a recent outfit post.    
Check it out HERE    

Hope you enjoyed this post, have a look at my Instagram and follow.
I'm back to college this weekend and I'm super excited, let me know
what your doing?

Alice xo