Friday, 31 May 2013


Maxi-Forever21//Sunglasses-Urban Outfitters//Hat-Marshalls

As you all know I'm spending the majority of my summer in San Francisco, I'm planning on working for the and spending time travelling the west coast with a large group of college friends. Today we decided to take a much needed break from job hunting so we decided to relax and take the BART to Chinatown. We all ate in a lovely restaurant in the heart of the town, it was fantastic, I got to try my first fortune cookie ever. We strolled through all the little streets and visited some cute gift shops too. The weather was so nice, its great to finally get a chance to wear all my summer clothes. I picked up this hat today for just 4 dollars in Marshall's, a store similar to JK Maxx in Ireland. I can't wait to go back and get more stuff the prices are literally jaw dropping. What more could a girl ask for. 

Also I decided to take the plunge and change the name of my blog to Dandelion days. I still need to change my Instagram name and claim my blog again with bloglovin' However I hope all my followers aren't having trouble connecting to my blog. Hope you like the changes I've been making.
So feel free to let me know if you've been to California before I'd love some tips on what to do over here??

Until next time,
Alice xo 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Outfit Post:23.05.13

Denim Jacket-E-bay//Dress-Swamp//Sun Glasses-Urban Outfitters//Litas-Pennys

So today was my last day in Ireland for summer as I head for San Francisco in the early hours of tomorrow morning. I said I'd do a quick outfit post before I leave as it'll probably be a few more days until I get on done over there as I'll need to get settled and familiar with my new surroundings. I'm super excited and cant wait to feel the sun on my skin, seen as there is a lack of sunshine in Ireland in the past few summers. Anyway I may get back to my packing as I've planned to get an early night. I'll keep you all up to date through Instagram. 

I was thinking of changing my blog name to Dandelion Days, but would love to hear you guys opinion first?

Lots of love,
Alice xo

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Outfit Post: All Of The Lights


OK so it does slightly appear that I am standing in a swap but this post was just taken off the side of a road close to my home which leads to a small forestry. I was really board this evening so I decided to do a outfit post. It was a nice fine day for once and the light was just perfect. These pictures were just taken on my phone as I had no really intention in blogging it until I seen how they came out. I love how the light was shining through the tall pine trees and bouncing off the water behide me. I think in one of the above picture this reflection is captures perfectly. However if I had been using a better camera at the time it would perhaps be captured more vividly. 
These galaxy leggings are a pair I purchased of Romwe over a month ago or more, but with the long wait for delivery (always the worst part of online shopping!) they finally arrived last week. I've been wearing them around the house a bit but never really graced the out doors in them until today. I think I would turn a few heads if I was to wear them in the small village I come from where fashion is not exactually a big thing. So perhaps when I go to America I'll be able to blend in with the crowd more.

Hope your having a great day and enjoyed this quick post,
As always feel free to let me know what you think?

Also I'd love if you could follow me on Bloglovin if you wish as Google connect is becoming a thing of the past. I'd hate to loose all my lovely followers after this length. Thanks so much to you all :)

Have a good weekend I'm off to Galway tomorrow so I'm sure I will,
Alice xo

Monday, 13 May 2013

Outfit Post: Stay True

Jumper-Forever21/ Shirt-Topshop/Jeans-Zara/Bowler Hat-Forever21/Bag-Topshop

With exams over and no work until the weekend I hope I'll be able to blog regularly, however the Irish weather is quite temperamental and will do it's best to ruin my plans never the less I succeed in getting this outfit post together today in between the regular down pours May has provided us with.
 So today I went into town quickly with my Mam, she was getting pictures developed so I had a look at some of the cameras on display. I'm so excited to get my new camera and could possible have one by the end of the week as I plan to get one before I head to San Francisco for summer. This is the outfit I wore today to town, it's just a simple look but yet quite stylish.
 Yesterday was my little brothers 18th birthday so Happy Birthday to him and tomorrow is my other brothers birthday, I no there so close together, so I've practically spent my last pay check on them boo :( ah no I'm sure they'll return the favour when my big day comes around.

Hope you enjoyed this post,
Let me know what your summer plans are?

Love Alice xo

Friday, 3 May 2013

Outfit Post: Day Dreamer


Boyfriend Jeans-Pennys/Chelsea

Today my Mom, sister and I took a short drive to Milford Lough on the River Barrow, as you can see form the pictures it's so picturesque. In my opinion perhaps one of county Carlow's hidden treasures. It's such a beautiful place to do a blog post, I had been waiting for a nice evening to pop over to take a post, so with exams almost over this became a good excuse to get my mine off them for the time been. As you can see I had a bit of a picture overload in this post but trust me I had so many more that I would love to show you but I just didn't want to over do it. Never the less if you're ever in Carlow make sure and visit here, I'll defiantly be back here for more posts. Also I had to get my picture taking with the gorgeous cherry blossom tree. I love the colour and it's really in full bloom at the moment.

In this post I am wearing a white blouse which I purchased in Topshop during the week, it's made of a beautiful shiffon material which is nice and light perfect for the time of year. I'm also wearing my boyfriend jeans from Pennys (Primark) I love them so much they can be dressed up or down and are so comfortable to wear, I've  wore them almost every day since I got them, must invest in a few more pairs! 

I also have added a new tab to my blog, it's a beauty corner where I will most certainly be blogging about all things beautiful. I love doing hair and makeup just as much as I love dressing up, so I decided I'd do reviews on products I use and if you have any requests for products you'd like to see a post on don't be shy and let me know. I hope you enjoyed this outfit post, I certainly had great fun today when getting my pictures taken.
Hope you all enjoy the long weekend,
let me know what you think of this outfit?
Love Alice xo


NEW Beauty Tab!

First Review: MAC Studio-Fix Foundation
So I decided to create a new beauty tab for my page so I can bring you reviews on all my lotions and potions that I regularly use. As much as I do love fashion I also have a keen interest in hair and makeup products, so by providing this review I hope I can help and recommend the best products for you. Keep an eye on the tab as I wont be announcing every time I  have a review post done. If you have any request or reviews you would like me to cover please feel free to ask.

Love Alice xo 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Daring Demin

Hated by some but embraced by many, YES ladies like it or lump it the Double Denim trend is back. It's probably been a mere decade since this trend first burst on the scenes and miserably failed (Irish girl group Bewitched been a prime example!!) However this denim on denim look is sweeping the S/S runway and is sure to stick around for time to come. Honestly I must admit I'm truly in denim heaven right now.Love it hate it its here to stay!

Hope you enjoyed this post,
let me know will you be daring denim this season,