Friday, 29 March 2013

Society's Ball

On Tuesday night this week I attended the annual Society's Ball in the Clayton Hotel Galway. I was there representing both the business and enactus societies. It was a successful night as the business society received the award for 'hottest ticket in town' which is a great achievement and a reminder that all our work doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. 


A group of friends and I who also attended the ball!

I am in love the midi dresses which are bang on trend right now. There so elegant and stylish they can be simply used for any occasion. This dark green midi was one which I picked up in Topshop quite a few weeks ago, I was delighted I finally got the opportunity to wear it and blog it for you. I yet again themed it with my heavy link chain from River Island, which I'm getting so much wear out of theses past few weeks, along with my gold clutch from Accessorize which I purchased for my debs two years ago, so it was great to get the opportunity to use it again. My bracelet is from Fran and Jane and it too was another purchase I made for my debs. My heels are from Penny's and matched up perfect with the rest of my look. As you can see from the picture above my friends and I had a brilliant night and are looking forward to putting in just as much work next year to ensure many more awards for our society!

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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Candy Strips

As this was my last week of college things were quite relaxed and the work load wasn't as demanding as usually, this gave me and my friend time to get some to get some blog posts done..YEAAY!! Its been so long since I got some day wear outfits on my blog, so hopefully now in the weeks to come I can keep up to speed. The outfit I'm wearing is one which I'd wear in and out to college, it's cool and preppy and certainly achieves the rock chick look that I adore so much. The bag is a purchase I made in New Look earlier this year its quite big so I tend to bring it to college a lot as it's easy to throw everything into. My jacket is from Topshop one you may have seen in previous posts and probably in plenty more posts to come as it's genuinely an all time fav of mine. As you all know I love fashion but of course what goes hand in hand with fashion only hair and makeup, so the red lippy was out in force to achieve the perfect look.

During a recent weekend away in Poland with my friends from the business society I picked up the 'Kiss' jumper in H&M while there. Personally I think it looks great with the candy striped shorts I got in Topshop. Both the jumper and shorts complement each other so well. To top it all off I added a my heavy link chain which you guys have seen a lot of lately (simply obsessed with it). All this combined with my creepers which I got in New Look earlier this year topped off the perfect rock chick look I'm loving theses days. 

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I'm going to leave you with one of Kiss's most famous songs 'Rock 'n Roll all night'
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Rock On!!

Love Alice 

Monday, 18 March 2013


I decided just quickly to through together two outfits which I wore on recent nights out just as a sheer reminder that I am still alive and willing to blog. The pictures are all taken inside so aren't quite clear as I would normally like, however they will have to do until I find somewhere to take them in better light.

Outfit Number 1.

Clutch-River Island

Heavy Link Chain- River Island

This is an outfit I recently wore on a college night out with all my friends. As pencil skirts are quickly becoming this seasons biggest trends I said it was time I jumped on the band wagon and got one of my own. I recently purchased this one in Topshop, I admire the slit to the side as it gives it a bit more ease to walk in towards the other style pencil skirts. I themed it with a simple black tang top, many of my friends have mistaken it for a dress so it's evident that it was quite the good match.
I accessorized with a heavy link necklace and clutch which were both purchased in River Island. I've had this clutch for ages now and had never got the chance to wear it out, thankfully I seized the right opportunity and themed it up with this look to give it a more classy vibe. The clutch has exquisite gold detailing and certainly got some great compliments on the night as it truly displayed the importance of accessorizing and using the simple things as your key piece!

Outfit Number 2.

Satchel-Pennys/ Nail Rap- Topshop


So this is another of my night out outfits which I put together and wore recently. I had been longing for a leather skirt for quite some time now and got this one in Miss Selfridge's. It's not the exact type I was looking for but as they were sold out in most of the other stores I decided not to wait around any longer and bit the biscuit so I ended up coming home with this in my shopping bag one Friday evening. I wore it with a simple dark green top which was got in none other than Topshop( I can't deny I have a serious obsession with that store!!) and accessorized with a simple black satchel which I got in Pennys. Satchels have really taken off this season there so versatile and come in so many different colours, I can't wait to pick up another more vibrant one soon. I wore a pair of litha style heels which I got in Pennys as part of there limited addition range. Hopefully some day I'll be able to afford a genuine pair of Jeffery Campbell litha!! I popped on a cute pair of frilly Topshop socks to keep my pinkies warm!! Hehe!! Again I wore my chunky necklace which I got in River Island, I've been wearing it constantly since I got it, it gives such a great edge to looks and will be in plenty more posts to follow.

Hope you liked this quick outfit post and have a better idea of how I like to style my night looks.
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NUIG Commerce Ball

I apologies for the lack of blogging in the past few months I've been hampered with college work and unfortunately in and out of hospital more times than I would have wished for. However in my last blog post I did promise a very exciting post was on the way. So at the end of January NUIG's business society holds there annual Commerce Ball, it's a massive attraction for all the college students no matter what area of study. As I am a committee member it was a big night for all of our team as a lot of hard work and dedication is put into the event. The night was a huge success as all the hard work finally paid off. It was hugely rewarding for the committee members to hear such positive from students after the even. As you can only imagine the night was very entertaining and great craic was had, I found it difficult to find time to get some quality pictures taken as so many deadlines had to be met; I'll remember to improve on my time management for events to come! I put together a few pictures never the less from the event just to give you an idea of what my friends and I wore.

Enjoying some champers on arrivals!!

Committee members and best friends!

Detail on my dress!!

Fashion blogger Katie Tully of ''The Blog Life'' and I
The dress I wore was from Topshop, initially I had planned to get a vintage dress for the ball but when tried this on in I fell in love with it and decided it was the dress. Unfortunately I don't think I've any picture of my clutch, I purchased it in Accessorize, however I'm in love with it so I'm sure you'll get the chance to see it in blog posts to come. The earrings I'm wearing I picked up in A-wear the day before the ball (all ways last minute!!) and the bracelet was on loan from my Mam for the night! :)

Sella who preformed with Rudimental and I
Each year at the ball there is a headline act this year Rudimental took center stage, they went down a treat and were much appreciated by all that attended. Thankfully I was lucky enough to meet the band members, sadly I had more pictures but I have since lost my phone which they were all on. This is one which I took from my Instagram it was so cool to meet all the band members they were all so welcoming and were up for having the crack with everyone, they later went down to meet all the students and even took time to get in pictures and have drinks with them which was so cool of them!


These are just some pictures complements of the Bizsoc Facebook page, they'll help to give you an idea of how big and successful they night was! 
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