Sunday, 18 November 2012

My First Outfit Post:

(Bowler Hat-Forever21/Jumper-Topshop/Jeans-Topshop/Jacket-Topshop/Chelsea Boots-Miss-Guided)

Ok, it's official my first outfit post! I've genuinely been so excited about starting this blog for quite sometime and am now delighted to be presenting it to you. For me fashion is a way of expressing my identity and how I feel. Please excuses me for my embarrassing poses until I find something I am more comfortable with.
 From this and coming posts you will notice I have quite the unhealthy obsession with Topshop, a good content of my wardrobe is from there. 


I recently purchased these jeans in Topshop, I'd describe them as a soft black. What I love about these jeans from Topshop's Moto range is there super soft fabric and of course there great range of different lengths for us short people!! There great for A/W and quite versatile.

I absolutely love this shirt I picked up in Topshop, I was very lucky to get it as it was the only one in my size on the ''last chance rail'' The wedgwood Chinese inspired caught my attention from the moment I entered the shop. It was a must have item!! I feel it brings personality and colour to this outfit and am delighted to feature  it in my first post.

This black jumper with sequin shoulder detail is without a doubt the best bargain by I have ever got I picked it up in the Topshop sale last April for just 6 euro down from 68 euro there was no hope it was staying on the rail.

I really hoped you enjoyed my first outfit post,
feel free to comment and follow my page.

Until next time,
lots of love,
Alice xo



  1. Thanks for the follow Alice. Am following back, cool blog. Love that blouse! I'm the same with topshop :-) best of luck with the blog keep up the outfit posts


  2. Awh thanks so much Nicola,
    seen your blog the other day thought it was really cool, love your style, only new to this so thanks a mill for the support and follow.

  3. Love the hat and boots! Really cool outfit

  4. Awh thanks Katie miss guided finest!! and there so comfortable :)

  5. I am in love with this shirt! So cute! And the bowler hat....really have to invest in one of those soon!!

    Thanks for the lovely comment on our blog! Followed you too :)

    Fiona xo

  6. Awh thanks Fiona, yes i love my bowler hat goes with so much :)

    Thanks for the follow, following you too, keep up the posts :)