Friday, 23 August 2013


Yesterday evening, my Mam, sister Sarah and I took a short trip to Altmount gardens for a coffee and stroll around the gardens. As I was taking these pictures a peacock came along I tried to get some pictures with him however he was camera shy. The above pictures were the best we got. 
This dress I'm wearing is a purchase I made in Topshop earlier this year. Every time I put it on it reminds me of TV presenter Caroline Flack. I love her style especially these peter pan inspired dresses, there so pretty and dainty. I usually don't wear this kind of royal blue colour however I really liked how it looked on me so I took the plunge and went for it. Above I have a close up picture of the lace pattern sleeve which I think is so elegant looking. I find this dress so easy to bring from day to night, pop on a pair of nude or red heels and you'r ready for a night on the tiles, what more could we ask for!!
Hope you enjoyed this post,
Alice xo

Dress: Topshop
Shoes: Pennys/Primark
Sunglasses: Vintage
Watch: Michael Kors

Monday, 19 August 2013

Blue Sparrow

WOOOO today I finally got my new house sorted for my next year in college, it's so exciting I can't wait to move in and start decorating my room for the year ahead. I've decided to nickname the house which I will share with two of my close friends, the CASTLE!! :D
This afternoon really brightened up here at home so I decided to venture out and take a quick blog post. I bought this dress last year on sale in Pennys (I no can you believe it Pennys have sales)!! With it I wore my previously seen chelsea boots from Miss-Guided which as you all know I get great wear out of them as they go with almost everything. Anyway I'm off to bed now as it's getting late. Hope you all enjoyed this post.
Love Alice xo

Friday, 16 August 2013


So eventually the sun came about to grace us with its warm and vibrant presence therefore I couldn't surpass the opportunity of taking a quick few pictures along my stroll this afternoon. I picked up this cool american style baseball jersey in Marsells on Market St. in San Francisco. Lucky for me I did get a chance to see the Giants game and it was amazing. Typically american afternoon which I enjoyed with one of my friends and of course a beer in one hand and a hot-dog in the other. Proposals, kissing camera and cheer leading was all on display! Now that I've returned home I thought it would come in handy as a quirky and stylish tee. Here I paired it with my highwaisted Levis and vans. Yes America I miss you.

Until Later,

Alice xo  

Friday, 9 August 2013

San Francisco Photo Diary

I decided to do a small photo diary of my life through the lense throughout my time in San Francisco this summer. I had an amazing summer me with some of the nicest and friendliest of people and now hold many happy,fun and crazy  memories with them. I really do hope to return to San Francisco and would 100% recommend it as a top holiday destination on America's West Coast. There is so much to see and do and the weather isn't overwhelmingly hot. I hope to do something similar to this photo diary with my snaps from Las Vegas and Los Angelas in the coming days, but for now I hope this post gives you an idea of the surroundings I enjoyed over the few months away.

Let me know what you did for summer?
Alice xo