Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Outfit Post: Gold Rush

This jumper is perhaps my favourite item of clothing I posses at the moment and I've been so excited to blog it. I recently purchased it in Shutterbug a vintage store in Kilkenny City. I had been meaning to visit the shop for quite some time after stumbling across there Facebook page, however with college and work I never managed to get around to it. Thankfully over my Christmas break from college I got a chance to visit the store. I have one word to describe the store AMAZING! I certainly wont be waiting that long to return again. 

So this is the outfit I wore for our my first night back in college. It's always quite a big night as everyone's back from holidays and glad to be with each other again for another semester. I decided to take a close up picture to give you a better idea of what my hair and makeup was like on the night.

Sadly the jumper experienced some wear and tear in the night club, but is still wearable minus a few sequins :'(

Hope you enjoyed this post,
Alice xo


  1. Love the sequins jumper!!!! really cool outfit!

  2. Love the jumper it's so cool! Just stumbled upon your blog, it's great! ..X


    1. Awh thanks a million. Following your blog Penny and Polaroids, very successful, keep up the great posts!x

  3. Awh thanks Michelle, following your blog, love your outfit posts!x