Monday, 13 May 2013

Outfit Post: Stay True

Jumper-Forever21/ Shirt-Topshop/Jeans-Zara/Bowler Hat-Forever21/Bag-Topshop

With exams over and no work until the weekend I hope I'll be able to blog regularly, however the Irish weather is quite temperamental and will do it's best to ruin my plans never the less I succeed in getting this outfit post together today in between the regular down pours May has provided us with.
 So today I went into town quickly with my Mam, she was getting pictures developed so I had a look at some of the cameras on display. I'm so excited to get my new camera and could possible have one by the end of the week as I plan to get one before I head to San Francisco for summer. This is the outfit I wore today to town, it's just a simple look but yet quite stylish.
 Yesterday was my little brothers 18th birthday so Happy Birthday to him and tomorrow is my other brothers birthday, I no there so close together, so I've practically spent my last pay check on them boo :( ah no I'm sure they'll return the favour when my big day comes around.

Hope you enjoyed this post,
Let me know what your summer plans are?

Love Alice xo


  1. I love ths outfit.
    You look so stylish yet causual!

    Happy Birthday to your brothers! Woah that is to close!

    Hope you get your new camera to lovely!

    Kelly ||

  2. You're gorgeous!