Saturday, 8 June 2013

Outfit Post: Blue Skies

Denim Jacket-Ebay//Top-Zara//Skirt-Zara//Sandals-Forever21

Ring-Urban Outfitters

Cable Car

Sun Glasses- Urban Outfitters

I think today I have really and truly fallen in love with San Francisco!!

After our first day orientation with Applebees (a large food retail chain) we decided to do a little sight seen. We visited the windiest street in the world, and it is simply surreal. Its so pretty and magic I had to take loads of pictures so I could share it with you guys. As my camera isn't of the best of quality I didn't get to capture it as well as I would have liked but hopefully you can see how amazingly beautiful it is. The atmosphere is so relaxed, the street becomes a mirage of colour and vibrancy. There is several amazing views of the city from this point, you can view the beautiful skyline of the city, the island of Alcatraz and the golden gate bridge. Tomorrow I'm booking my week in LA as were planning on spending next week there I'm super excited.

Until Next Time,
Alice xo 


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  2. Thanks for the comment on my post! :) Your sunnies are amazeballs!

    Lily x

  3. I love this post! Your denim jacket is so nice, good ol' ebay! I adore your sunglasses as well!
    Alice :) <a href=">Silent Noon </a>

  4. love your sunglasses! they really suit you :-) lovely pictures

    bec X

  5. I adore your sense of style