Thursday, 6 June 2013

Outfit Post: Pier 39

Boyfriend Jeans-Pennys//Converse-Office

Jumper-Urban Outfitters


Sun Glasses-Urban Outfitters

Pier 39

Sorry I've been finding it difficult to get proper posts done but I though I'd put this one up so everyone could see how beautiful San Francisco is. I had no intention to do a post but just quickly put together a few snaps the other day and have now taken the time to write up on it. I got this jumper in urban outfitters in Berkeley where I'm staying along with the sun glasses. Believe it or not it can be quite chilly over here at times, no expecting this I didn't pack any jumpers so I was only delighted when I had the chance to buy something new. Anyway hope you like this post feel free to leave comments or follow.

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Alice xo

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